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STREETKARNAGE was established in 2004.
Created to simply name a group of friends that shared the same passions and styles in vehicles and modifications. Fast forward over 10 years and the friendships are stronger and passion is higher! We are not a fad. We are not a temporary thing. We are a family, our passion, our lives are spent on and around cars.
HALFWAY HANGS was established in 2014.
After years of crossing states to attended events, we noticed there was a void in the automotive scene in Australia and created what has been named by many, as now the best event in Australia. Based halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, the event brings the East Coast together for a three day weekend with something for everybody. The idea behind Halfway Hangs is simple… rad cars, rad people, and rad vibes!
KARNAGE CLUB is the streetwear brand behind SK.
We wanted to show our unique style through apparel and accessories, supplying to like-minded people around Australia and the world. Our designs are automotive based, but not only directed for automotive use. We're still in early beginnings with the brand being very young. We hope you follow the journey of the brand.
DREAM - Produced by Streetkarnage.
At the end of 2017 we started working towards developing our own line of products, to which we thought were missing from the market. Developing these products ourself allows us to focus on keeping the quality of each product to the highest standard, while the simplicity of installation and price is mind.
GOLDY BOYZ is the name we call our cars that are painted in our team colour, SK GOLD. With over 8 cars done over 3 years now.