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April 17, 2019



This has been the home for the old Volvo wagon for 4 years now! I stripped and sold all the running gear, ecu and fuel system, loaded it full of parts, and parked it up for another time. I hated this car soooooo fucking much when I parked it up but I still couldn't bring myself to selling off the shell. I fought problems for 2 looooong years with only small glimpses of hope. A lot of people would have given up a long time before I did but I just wanted it to work so much. It's strange to me that I still get asked about it, sometimes it's just how I did things or what parts I used in it and sometimes it's people let me know they miss it and I should rebuild it all ready.

This car will always be held dear to my heart and yep, one day it will be back! I'm not sure when that day will be but you better believe it will be. 
Here are some pictures of a piece of Swedish metal, trying its hardest to blend into mother nature. Enjoy! 











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