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April 1, 2019

Come across this r32 on Yahoo Auctions, that I had seen a very long time ago on Speedhunters when steelies had just started becoming a popular option in Japan. I know this wont be to everybody's style but i thought it was great to share, just so the images live on! 











It will be an exhibition of [Nissan HCR32 Skyline part pick-up box there is a document in the round car] .
It is awful condition as you see. No engine, no mission. How are you going to use something? I do not think about selling roses.
As I was riding at a low height, the downturn was awful. Outside differential, BNR 32 third link diversion, F outside upper link, R outside upper arm.

(7:39 on March 31, 2019 added)

Sorry. I had forgotten a photo of an important place. There is a hole in the picture of the left quarter. I was wearing a scarf. 

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